How will the LCO Chaplain know I am at UIHC


  • Ask your pastor to contact us.
  • Indicate your religious preference as "Lutheran" and express interest in a chaplain visit when you enter the hospital.

What are the Benefits of having an ElCA chaplain at UIHC

  • The LCO chaplain is a partner with ELCA pastors and congregations, receiving referrals from pastors and, with permission, informing the pastor of a parishioner's hospitalization.
  • The familiarity of a Lutheran pastoral presence can be a great comfort and help in a place that is unfamiliar.
  • Supporting LCO is good stewardship.  Frequent trips to Iowa City to visit their parishioners are costly. Pastors and congregations make more effective use of time and resources while still meeting the needs of their parishioners through partnership with the LCO chaplain.

How Can I Support Lutheran Chaplaincy Outreach

  • Send your financial contributions to: Lutheran Chaplaincy Outreach, 123 E. Market St., Iowa City, IA  52245
  • Contributions can also be made through the donate button below.
  • Congregations are encouraged to provide budgetary support, special offerings, or fundraising projects, memorial gifts, or other means to provide funding for LCO.
  • Promote awareness of LCO by inviting our Chaplain or a board representative to make a presentation to  your group or congregation.
  • Volunteer to be on the LCO Board of Directors.
  • Volunteer your administrative, fundraising or web skills
  • Keep LCO in your prayers!

Lutheran Chaplaincy Outreach

Lutheran Chaplaincy Outreach (LCO), a not-for-profit organization, was organized in 2005 to provide pastoral care to Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) patients and their families at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics (UIHC).  Thirty to eighty-five identified Lutherans are hospitalized daily at UIHC. The University Clinics provides office space, staff support, telephone service, and parking for the chaplains but NOT full-time salaries.

Lutheran Chaplaincy Outreach (LCO) provides funding for Pastor Cindy Breed to serve as the ELCA chaplain at University of Hospitals and Clinics in Iowa City, Iowa. She has been a chaplain there since 1997.  Chaplain Cindy is a dedicated and compassionate Lutheran pastor who knows the procedures at UIHC and provides comfort, reassurance, and hope to patients and families there.

Chaplain Cindy Breed
Chaplain Cindy Breed

Support Lutheran Chaplaincy Outreach

LCO is funded solely by gifts from congregations, individuals, and other organizations.  No financial support is received from the hospital nor any Synods. Your support will directly support the ongoing ministry of Lutheran Chaplaincy Outreach.