Evangelical Church in America (ELCA)  Chaplain The Rev. Cindy Ford Breed is a Board Certified Chaplain, APC

Lutheran Chaplaincy Outreach (LCO) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing spiritual care to patients, relatives, and hospital staff at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics (UIHC) as well as spiritual consultation for UIHC staff, ELCA pastors and congregations

Board of directors

A list of our Board of Directors can be obtained by contacting our Board President  at our email address lco@lcoiowa.org

Schedule and Presentations

Chaplain Breed and Board members are available for stewardship presentations.  Please send an email request to

cindy-breed@uiowa.edu  to schedule.

Lutheran Chaplaincy Outreach is represented at the annual Synod Assemblies:

  • Western Iowa Synod
  • Southeastern Iowa Synod
  • Northeastern Iowa Synod
  • Northern Illinois Synod

Interested in receiving the newsletter?

Our newsletter is emailed out 3 times a year and recaps our financial health. Please send a request to be added to our mailing list to cindy-breed@uiowa.edu